New Life Rescue CPR is an official training facility of the American Heart Association (AHA). We offer basic life saving courses and training that gives people a chance at life. We will show you how to become someone’s heart beat because we believe that with every heart beat there is hope.


 BLS Provider: Medical Professionals

People that give medical care to patients and monitor their medical conditions

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT’s, Home Attendants, etc.
(Medical Training Required)


HeartSaver® CPR & AED: Non-Medical Professionals

People that may find themselves responding to a situation before others (first responders) to save a life

First Responders, Police Officers, Security, Personal Trainers, Construction Workers and Supervisors, Teachers, Nannies, Baby Sitters, Physical Educators, Coaches, Referees, Waiters, etc.


HeartSaver® First Aid: Everyone

For all to learn how to handle the beginning stages of an emergency. It will show you step that may help avoid a full emergency situation as well as the critical steps leading into one

Crosses all fields (does not require medical training)


HeartSaver® First Aid CPR AED (Combo): Everyone

Learn how to handle and assess the beginning stages of an emergency. You will learn crucial steps in an attempt to avoid emergencies and best course of action to allow you to handle one

Crosses all fields (does not require medical training)


Onsite Training: for friends, family, and workplace

We bring the classroom experience to you. We accommodate to your need and take the classroom to a place that makes you and a group friends or family comfortable. We also cater to businesses that are looking to certify their staff.

This is for all fields and courses



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